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Perfect Positioning .. LOCATION

Located in the very heart of Chennai, the clinic is only a few yards away from Pondy Bazaar, the largest retail market for Asia. While the general area of location gives easy access, the clinic itself is situated on a smaller street away from the chaos and makes a pleasant setting for patient care.

The Setting .... AMBIENCE

The sprawling 2,500 feet area of the clinic is fully temperature controlled for patients' comfort and is complete with sufficient parking space. Equipped with all the necessary sophisticated gadgets JGHR is poised to offer total dental care in all their chosen areas of specialization. JGHR dental clinic has an entire range of dental equipment of globally acclaimed quality.

Most of the devices used on the patients are never reused but disposed to avoid any transfer of infection from patient to patient. Large patient loads are handled easily at six consulting rooms, which are comprehensive treatment areas that are outfitted to function as independent clinics. Care has been taken to make the setting warm, aesthetically appealing and soothing to patients who are often in pain. Even the short waiting period is made pleasant by recreational distractions such as magazines and a television set at the luxurious reception area.

Bridging the gaps...THE JGHR CULTURE

The JGHR clinic has been built on a legacy of trust. The warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the clinic instantly alleviates patients' fear and sometimes even their pain! Despite the patient load, quality of care is never compromised. All patients receive personalized attention from one or more of the four expert physicians on call. With tooth saving being primordial, efforts to educate patients on dental wellness practices are undertaken. Patient can make an informed choice, as they are equipped with data related to their care. Extending beyond dental care, the clinicians have forge friendships with families of patients who vouch loyalty to the clinic for two or even three generations.

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chipped or broken teeth treatment Chennai

Root canal treatment Chennai

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