Cosmetic dentistry Chennai
Cosmetic dentistry Chennai
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The JGHR clinic has developed and established standards for quality dental care over four decades. The mission of the organization is thoroughly patient centric,

"To offer dental care at par with quality standards found in economically developed countries while making dental care affordable to all in need of such care."

At JGHR the patient gets excellent care by qualified professionals with an academic inclination that continually adapt to changing technology and adopt evolving techniques for dental care. The patients at JGHR get the best of both the worlds.

facial surgery Chennai

facial surgery Chennai


In a survey of 320 people- 94% said that they noticed the person's smile before they noticed their height or their eyes and 85% felt that the smile was the most important factor that formed a good impression during an initial meeting."
Survey by a National Laboratory specializing in Dental bleaching (USA).

This is possibly the reason behind the growing popularity of cosmetic dentistry in recent times and the professionals at JGHR are experts who have practiced the craft longer than many others in the country. An aesthetic and appealing smile is brought about when all teeth are symmetrically aligned with proper gum-teeth proportioning and constructed to suit the shape of the face. Redesigning a smile is both a science and an art that involves multidisciplinary skill sets. The dental practitioners at JGHR have realigned many famous smiles in the country. Their skills are behind the much admired smiles of notable film stars.

The clinicians at JGHR practice cosmetic dentistry not only to redesign smiles but to reset teeth symmetrically, brighten impossibly coloured teeth and so on. They even use special techniques during a simple filling procedure using materials that mimic teeth colour.


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