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practice calls for myriad skills in a number of specialized areas coupled with an artistic propensity. The four Dental practitioners at the JGHR clinic have all that it takes to practice the art and science of dentistry to the advantage of their patients.

Dr. Janakiraman brings four decades of experience to the practice and stands as a singular example of a physician with sound academic knowledge and extensive practical training. He has served the academia for 35 years working with various reputed dental colleges and has retired from the Tamilnadu Medical Services as Professor & Head of the Department of Periodontia. He recently retired from the Sri Balaji Dental College where he was the Head of the Department of Periodontia. He is a senior panel member to Indian Airlines, Air India, Oil & Natural Gas Corporation who seeks his valuable counseling. He was the President of the India Dental Association (Madras Branch) from 1988-1989 and was also held as Vice president for the Society of Priodontology.

Dr. Ganapathy holds a masters degree in Endodontics and has to his credit a number of scientific papers presented at Dental conferences. He has been in dental practice for the past 17 years with avid interest in patient education that has prompted him to author several articles on dental care in several magazines in Chennai. At present he serves as a Lecturer at the Tagore Dental College, Chennai sharing his vast expertise with young graduates.

Dr. Hariharan is a postgraduate in Oral Pathology and has over 15 years of experience as a dental practitioner. He is also academically inclined and holds the post of a Reader in the Department Oral Pathology at the Tagore Dental College, Chennai. He has the skill sets necessary for performing an implant surgery having undergone a course in the subject. He has done an extensive study on the early diagnosis of Oral Cancer. His special interest is in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry and shows thorough professionalism in bringing about a perfect smile on his patients.

Dr.Rekha Hariharan, BDS, Dental Surgeon, Dr.Rekha Hariharan has been practicing with an experience of over 17 years in the field of dentistry. Her special interest revolves around aesthetic dentistry which is painless and done with ease involving cosmetic corrections through which she brings about a perfect smile on her patients. With her well known polite and gentle nature she handles pediatric patients with atmost care. She has been extensively trained in laser dentistry which involves minor surgical corrections, cosmetic enhancement and bleaching of teeth.

Dr. G.Aishwarya, BDS Dr. G.Aishwarya graduated from Ramachandra Medial University. Grand daughter of Dr. G. Janakiraman and daughter of Dr. J. Ganapathy joins the team of JGHR as a third generation dentist.

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